Rules & Regulations (Terms & Conditions)

1. Class will start on time.

2. Class will be of 50 mins.

3. Payment should be in advance.

4. If teacher is absent then he /she will cover/ refund money of that day.

If the student remain absent then his / her day will not be cover.

5. If you need help about your health problems please contact your teacher after the class.

6. If you want to remain absent then please inform your teacher previous to class by call / message.

7. If you want to remain absent for more than 5 days please inform your teacher in previous month. Intimation of absence for more than 5 days will not be accepted in same month.

8. I hereby voluntarily me or my child to participate in the GEET YOGA & FITNESS ACADEMY’s Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Sports games. I understand fully & accept that there are risks involved in Sports & that accidents & injuries are common & are ordinary occurrences of sports. I hereby agree to any & all risk of injury or death & verify this statement.