Sheetkari Pranayama

Yoga is for Posers.

Sheetkari Pranayama {Hissing Breath}

-Steps And Benefits

Yoga Asanas and Pranayama are the two distinctive gifts to people for maintaining healthy life by natural manner. They enforce not solely physical well – being however additionally mental well being. In Shitali pranayama and Sheetkari pranayama we breathe through mouth. These are same like a Python’s breathing. Python, hens, kids of deer takes a deep breath through opening the mouth and they all are simply sucked in with the air and it’s the capability to digest it. Sheetkari pranayama and Shitali process are also like this.

Both of two breathing activities are very useful in cooling down the body and mind also. Performing 6 or 7 rounds of these processes can alleviate your thirst when you are feeling vey thirsty and there is no water available. Shitali and Sheetkari pranayama are mentioned in Hatha yoga Pradipika as a process of pranayama. Shitali and Sheetkari pranayama are similar, but there is only one difference between them, is way of breathing. In Shitali we breathe through folding our tongue and in Sheetkari we inhale through teeth.


 Steps of Sheetkari Pranayama:-

  • Sit in any meditative pose in which you are comfortable.
  • Keep your eyes close and try to touch the tongue upward.
  • Join the upper and lower row of teeth.
  • Now open your lips and start inhaling with making the sound See-See.
  • After inhaling close your lips and breathe out through nose.
  • Repeat this at least 8 to 10 rounds.


Benefits of Sheetkari Pranayama

The benefits or plus points of Sheetkari is same as Shitali Pranayama but there are some following plus points of Sheetkari pranayam.

  • Cools down the body temperature so it is useful in Fever.
  • It is beneficial in mouth related diseases, throat and tongue.
  • Helps in spleen and indigestion.
  • Best for High blood pressure and for summer session.
  • It is effective in dental problems like pyorrhea.
  • It controls the body temperature.
  • Calms the mind and it is best stress buster.
  • Reduces the emotional excitation and mental tension.
  • Best for depression.

 NOTE: –

People who are suffering from cold and cough, Asthama or other respiratory problems, tonsillitis should not practice Sheetkari and Shitali pranayam. People who have Low Blood pressure problems are strictly advised that not to perform this pranayama.

Sheetkari pranayama is the variation of Shitali Pranayam. People who are not able to fold their both sides of tongue in Shitali pranayam can perform this pranayam. Perform Shitali pranayama and Sheetkari pranayama after doing Asana and other Pranayama.