Geet Yoga & Fitness Academy, Nashik, India was founded in 2007 by Dr. Kajal Parag Patani. Dr. Kajal believed that yoga was not meant exclusively for bearded men living in the mountains, and she wanted to bring it to householders—the men and women who have to work, toil, commute, earn a living, raise children, and fight the battle of life everyday. She wanted to bring it to people living in the town and the city, because she believed that the householder could benefit immensely from this knowledge.
Geet Yoga & Fitness Academy – Nashik, received many International Awards for Outstanding Contribution for Promotion and Development of Yoga.
Although most people wished to learn yoga only to address their physical problems, Dr. Kajal wanted the Yoga Academy to be more than a place that would help them cope with physical ailments. She wanted it to be a `Life School’ where one learnt to live. Geet Yoga & Fitness Academy, with its simplicity and sincerity outlook, reaches out to householders and attempts to help them lead happy, healthy, and balanced lives in a world that is constantly throwing up challenges.
Spearheading the “Yoga for the Householder” movement in the world, the Academy interacts with a thousand plus people over 63 countries for training, health benefits and consultations. It also offers Yoga teacher-training courses, and brings out yoga therapy, asanas, pranayam, couples counseling, traditional scriptures, ethics for everyday life, and a variety of other subjects on yoga education.

Is there a life-school where one learns to live? There are many schools that teach people to chase money and power, but no school teaches us to be happy and healthy, no institute teaches us to be balanced in mind, body, and spirit. A life-school teaches us to care and share, it teaches us discipline and responsibility, it teaches us the other things that matter in life instead of showing off its sprawling lawns and high-rise structures as most campuses do these days.
Geet Yoga & Fitness Academy is one such life-school. Everything here–including interpersonal relationships in classrooms. Whether the student is learning asanas or the yoga sutras, it only adds to the pure, sattvik experience. Techniques are also taught, but they become secondary when change is occurring at the deeper level of one’s values, motivations, attitudes, and habits. Yogic living can help re-establish the homeostatic balance, and treatment of disease then becomes a natural consequence of a yogic life.
Faith in a higher reality and a broader, philosophical outlook can instill a positive approach to life, and neutralize the anxiety responsible for many psychosomatic and neurotic conditions. It enables total and joyful participation in life, it imparts meaning to life. A life-school prepares men and women to live fuller lives. Besides learning it themselves, they also learn to share it with others. Can we dream of such centers of learning in the country? It does not matter if we call this life-school “Geet Yoga & Fitness Academy” or by any other name. There is an overwhelming need today for such life-schools in society. What is lacking is not the skills or knowledge required to build such a school, but actual living models of such a school. Geet Yoga & Fitness Academy seeks to fill this vacuum.

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  • Nilesh Chavhan

    Geet Yoga is a warm, welcoming environment with knowledgeable teachers within a friendly community. I've developed my practice by attending a range of classes, but more importantly, I feel I've developed a deeper understanding of the art of yoga.

  • Dipak Jadhav

    Geet Yoga has been my saving grace! I can not say enough about the skilled instructors, and their knowledge of the practice but also of kinaesthetics. Yoga has brought me physical health, but more importantly peace and an over all feeling of well being!

  • Priyanka Patil

    The first time I walked into the Geet Yoga I felt so at home. The instructors are amazing; they all make you feel like you are the most important student in the class. They encourage you to try new poses and want you to reach the next level.


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